Piña Y Limon

Concept studio

Piña y Limon Concept Studio deals with event organization, press office and digital Pr.

Graphic Designer

For about 10 years he has been dealing with visual graphics, web graphics and digital illustrations.

Art direction & Design studio

Daamstudio deals with creative communication and graphic design for companies operating in the world of design, fashion and industry.

Comunication Agency

Hoodooh is a communication studio that deals with telling and spreading the history, ideas and products of companies and brands, booking agencies, music labels and festivals.

Web agency

Eviblu deals with web marketing, optimization and positioning of websites in search engines.


Alberto Brunello is an illustrator and graphic designer from Thiene, near Venice. Enigmatic and exuberant character, his madness is reflected in his way of drawing, in his subjects and in the ideas he creates.